Lucy Joy Morris

 Conductor  ~ Musical Director ~ Music Educator 

'From the confident opening notes to the unconducted curtain call and playoff, the orchestra excelled, superbly led by Lucy Morris.'
                                                                          - Varsity, Cambridge (Candide 2015)

​​'Calm, authoritative, impeccable conducting. It all felt very relaxed and I'm sure you could sense that everyone was 100% with you.'
'I really enjoyed the rehearsal. [Lucy] asked more from us, showed us how to achieve it, and we seemed to improve every step of the way.'

'Lucy Joy Morris certainly brings joy to the Reading Male Voice Choir. Again, her conducting...brought out the best in the choir.'
'Lucy was again inspirational...'
'The addition of Lucy as Deputy Musical Director has been such a bonus to the choir. Her versatility and vitality certainly run off on the choir members.'
​'First concert for Lucy Joy Morris as Deputy Musical Director and she was terrific! We can look forward to some wonderful concerts in the coming months with Lucy taking on a bigger role. The future is bright for Reading Male Voice Choir.'
- Choir members 2015-2017     

'I just wanted to say what a very great pleasure it was to come to Chorus rehearsals every week and learn the piece with you. You made the rehearsals so much fun.'

'I have never enjoyed singing as much as in your rehearsals! You are a real inspiration and a very special musician. Thank you.'
- MagSoc Chorus members

Lucy Joy Morris is a conductor, music educator, singer and violinist.
She graduated from Queens' College, Cambridge University in 2015 and divides her time between Dartford, Berkshire and London where she conducts a variety of ensembles.